"This is deft, cinematic storytelling at it’s finest"

Vancouver Horror Show’s review on Processing

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Founded in 2018

Mexecutioner Productions, a Mexican-American female led production company, devoted to creating film content of all genres, that not only entertains its audiences, but also empowers and inspire its viewers with it’s unique storytelling approach.

Within many projects made, our vision is to provide an inspiring voice for those who are underrepresented, in a compelling and powerful way.

Renetta Amador
Executive Producer and Founder
Sugar AND spice. Not everyone is nice.

A tomboy transforms the gender trappings of her childhood to show her cruel mother how sugar and spice don’t equal nice.  

The Big Picture: Gummies is part of a wider, dramatic horror story – one that addresses LGBTQIA+ issues such as binary gender essentialism and gender stereotype enforcement.

Representation: The majority of our film crew are members of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Tongues: Two versions of Gummies were filmed one in English and one in Spanish. 

Accolades:  Outstanding Screenplays (Finalist), Killer Shorts (Honorable Mention), Coverfly Top 1% Genre/Format, Scriptwriters & CO (Winner

Location: Gummies was filmed on location in the Dominican Republic 

awards and selections
for "Gummies"

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First he loses his partner in a nightmare bust gone wrong. Now he has to explain to Internal Affairs the otherworldly events that occurred, how Joseph Cristy died… and why they all might be next. This tale explores what we choose to see versus what the reality actually is.

awards and selections
for "Processing"


Some Killer Reviews

To the point.
This story blew me away."

Tomer Shushan on Gummies Outstanding Screenplays Judge

“…an original and disturbing premise. An interesting and thought-out script that uses traditional medicine to make commentary on conversion therapy; a topical and fresh idea.”

Killer Shorts Contest Reader on Gummies

"What a fun, dark, surprising and twisted ride this film is... this is deft, cinematic storytelling at it’s finest."

VHS Review on Processing

"There was no arguing on the judges panel on this one, everyone agreed -- this is deft, cinematic storytelling at it’s finest."

VHS Review on Processing

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